Dale Spaulding

Dale was highly regarded up and down the valley of Southeastern Idaho. Dale passed away January 27, 2015 and is not part of our current team, although his spirit still remains in the shop as the standard of which we do business!


Walker was taught at an early age to work hard by helping clean and mop the shop. He stops in to help keep the facilities updated and pristine. He currently works full time at Andersen Manufacturing with plans to pursue nursing.

Nicole Gail Spaulding Joseph Sage Creek Repair Idaho Falls Idaho 83402

Nicole grew up in the business helping Grandpa Dale. Nicole started at Sage Creek Repair mopping floors and later transitioned into the customer service representative role. She later graduated with her Associates degree in Accounting and is currently working as the Accounts Payable Specialist for Ivory Homes in Salt Lake City. She is married to…

Dale Jr Social Media

Dale also grew up mopping floors for his grandpa. He is a graduate of BYU-Idaho in Communications and Marketing, and leads the social media marketing for Sage Creek. He is married with two children.