The engine is the most important component of a vehicle. It is how your vehicle is able to operate and drive along the roads of Idaho Falls, Ammon, Iona, Rigby, and beyond. All engines have pistons that move up and down metal tubes that are called cylinders. The pistons are connected to a crank shaft via rods, and move up and down to power the crank shaft, which then power the wheels of your car.

An engine’s pistons are powered by thousands of controlled explosions. The heat and expanding gases from these mini-explosions push down on the piston in the cylinder, causing movement. Engines need oxygen to burn fuel to keep combustions going in the pistons. During the intake stroke, valves open to allow the piston to act like a syringe as it moves downward, drawing in ambient air through the engine’s intake system. When the piston reaches the bottom of its stroke, the intake valves close, effectively sealing the cylinder for the compression stroke, which is in the opposite direction as the intake stroke.

There are many other parts in your vehicle that work with the engine.The engine oil pump and coil moves engine oil around the pistons and cam shaft. This ensures that the bearings and other parts stay lubricated and cooled. The cam shafts run the engine valves to control air intake for combustion while the crank shaft moves the pistons up and down. To synchronize this system, some engines use a timing belt or chains to keep each part turning at the right time. The timing belt and other belts in your engine rely on tensioners to keep tension on the belt and function properly. We at Sage Creek Repair are knowledgeable with different vehicle’s engine timing kits and guarantee its reliability. If you are noticing issues like overheating or fluid leaks, our technicians will inspect every part such as the heads, spark plugs, throttle body thoroughly so you can drive confidently.

The engine is an intricate piece of technology that is vital to keep everything running in your vehicle. Therefore, if you notice any issues with your engine, it is important to get it examined and repaired if necessary as soon as possible. Come to Sage Creek Repair in Idaho Falls where our technicians can make sure you can drive your vehicle safely. If you have a turbo engine, diesel engine, or a hybrid, our technicians can repair it all.

Your Reliable Shop for Engine Repair

You can rest easy when you trust your engine repairs to Sage Creek Repair. Our technicians are armed with the skills and expertise to perform any level of engine work necessary, from an oil leak fix, to a sensor replacement, to a complete rebuild. Whether the Check Engine light has come on in your Hyundai, your Jeep is burning oil, or your Mercedes-Benz is making knocking sounds, we will address the matter efficiently. Sage Creek Repair always uses OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts and fluids in every engine repair job. For your peace of mind, we stand behind our engine repairs with a 3-year/36000-mile Limited Warranty with roadside assistance.

For reliable engine repairs, visit Sage Creek Repair in Idaho Falls, ID. Call us today or use our convenient online form to book your visit.

Engine Repair

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