The cooling system is vital for the engine to operate properly. Without it, there would be serious consequences. The cooling system in your vehicle removes excess heat, maintains a stable operating temperature for the engine to run efficiently, and brings the engine to the ideal temperature quickly. The cooling system is designed to keep the engine cool while running, but it is also designed to quickly warm the engine up when it first ignites.

When the air and the fuel mixture goes through the combustion process, the heat will then be transferred to the coolant which runs throughout the engine to cool down. The air flow through the radiator also helps to cool the engine if the coolant is too hot to be able to cool the engine down. The thermostat opens all the way to let air flow come in from the radiator. This part keeps the engine temperature stable by controlling the air flow from the radiator. All of our technicians at Sage Creek Repair are knowledgeable with coolant system service, thermostat service, radiator service, and can perform coolant system flushes. They will also examine the serpentine belt to see if it is properly functioning. The serpentine belt makes sure that the water pump is running properly, which works to pump the coolant throughout the engine.

Here are some symptoms that your cooling system needs service:
The cooling system is key to making your temperature in the engine stable. This will keep your vehicle running reliably for many miles. By maintaining the cooling system, you will rest assured knowing that your vehicle will get you to your destination safely. Here are some signs you should get your cooling system serviced:

  • The temperature level gauge reads hot
  • Cooling system discoloration or corrosion
  • Coolant leakage
  • Overheating

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You can rest easy when you trust your radiator repairs to Sage Creek Repair. Our technicians are armed with the skills and expertise to address the exact radiator solution you require, based on the results of our thorough inspection to your hoses, water pump and every other related item. On a Toyota, Dodge and Volkswagen alike, our team will work on your radiator to the highest standards of precision and accuracy. Along with this, Sage Creek Repair uses OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts in every radiator repair or replacement job. Finally, for your peace of mind, we back all our radiator work with a 3-year/36000-mile Limited Warranty with roadside assistance.

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